• Yellow Valley – Original

    Yellow Valley Original- Yellow Valley at its Purest! Our Dutch style baby Gouda is handmade from whole cream cow milk using age old farmhouse methods to create the best cheese possible. ...
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  • Yellow Valley Cumin

    Yellow Valley at its most daring! This variation of our handmade cheese is packed full of pure cumin giving the cheese a daring flavor that is sure to appeal to both...
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  • Yellow Valley Grated Cheese

    Our Grated Cheese is excellent to be used in pasta’s, salades and noodles. Our aged grated cheese is a good alternative for parmesan cheese, but cheaper!
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  • Yellow Valley Herb de Provence

    Yellow Valley at its most sophisticated! A unique blend of herbs (thyme, basil, rosemary and tarragon) found in the southern provinces of France give this cheese its alluring aroma and highly...
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  • Yellow Valley Onion Garlic

    Yellow Valley at its boldest! Truly a cheese with attitude.  This cheese is packed so strong with onion and garlic flavor that it is sure to leave you crying for more.  ...
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  • Yellow Valley Spicy Italian

    Yellow Valley at its hottest! Like all good Italian food, our Italian Spicy cheese is entrusted with a healthy load of herbs and spices in order to intensify the sweet and...
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