Core Values

We will emphasize the following core values in the way it conducts business, works with customers, suppliers, donors/investors, farmers and employees and others it encounters while working and doing business:

Excellence – doing the best possible with the resources available, giving excellent service, having high standards of production, quality and management;

Locally Appropriate –  using locally available personnel, using appropriate technology,  respecting the culture and dignity of the people and respecting the environment;

Integrity – being transparent, having good accounting practices and honest business dealings, with truth & honesty;

Faithfulness – having a high commitment and faithful attitude in our work practices toward our employees, investors, suppliers, customers and farmers and, above all to God;

Teamwork – supporting and respecting all individuals in the company and working together towards achieving the vision, mission and objectives of our project;

Sharing – share up to 30% of our future profits to fund social responsible projects;


If you have any questions, please email us.

Yellow Valley® Cheese

  • Hand-Made Artisanal Cheese
  • Only Fresh Gouda in China
  • Natural Original Taste
  • Fair Trade, Social Responsible
  • Pay safe online with Paypal or creditcard