About Yellow Valley

“Artisanal cheese with a Natural Taste”

We have restarted production in June 2015!

Yellow Valley® Cheeses are hand-made Dutch Gouda farmhouse cheeses produced in China. We were the first company to make Gouda cheeses in an artisanal and natural (organic) way. We started making cheese in 2004, but due to extreme government requirements we had to stop producing in 2011 for a period of time. The government supported the big companies, but decided not to help us although we have never had any issues! Well, the past is the past!

Expatriates and Chinese cheese lovers all over this great country testify that Yellow Valley® cheeses are superior to any imported Gouda cheeses. Why? Yellow Valley® cheeses are fresh and most importantly:  Yellow Valley® cheeses do not contain any artificial ingredients.  Our cheeses are 100% natural and using organic milk free from antibiotics. Our cheeses are made using slow pasteurisation methods to keep its natural taste, unlike the factory cheeses in the big stores today!

We use age-old Gouda recipes handed down from generation to generation of Dutch cheese makers. We maintain high standards of hygiene. Apart from creating good quality cheeses, Yellow Valley® was established to address social concerns. We make sure that local Chinese farmers get a fair price for their milk and other products. We believe and practice the Fair Trade principles.

Do you sense our pride in Yellow Valley®? Making high quality cheese is not just a business, but an art. Yellow Valley® is unique (maybe in the world) as we combine natural, artisanal and fair trade in one company and one product.

How to know if our cheeses are genuinely ours? Each cheese has a ‘cheese mark’ with a unique number. It actually also says ‘Yellow Valley Farmhouse’ … Just to make sure we protect our quality products and you too!

We know you will enjoy the various varieties of Yellow Valley® cheeses. We are confident that once you have savoured our Yellow Valley® cheeses, you will eagerly spread the word amongst your community and buy again!

Natural, Responsible, Delicious!
Marc de Ruiter


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Yellow Valley® Cheese

  • Hand-Made Artisanal Cheese
  • Only Fresh Gouda in China
  • Natural Original Taste
  • Fair Trade, Social Responsible
  • Pay safe online with Paypal or creditcard